ENSPM 2021 Talk

Title: Counting minimal surfaces

Abstract: I will cover the recent progress on existence of minimal surfaces and then I will talk about joint work with Calegari and Marques, where we introduced a quantity which counts minimal surfaces in negatively curved spaces.

André Neves (University of Chicago, USA)

André Neves was born in Lisbon in 1975 and is a Portuguese mathematician. He was awarded the Philip Leverhulme Prize in 2012, and the Whitehead Prize in 2013, for his work on geometric analysis and, in particular, his resolution of the Willmore conjecture, together with Fernando Codá Marques. He was an invited section speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul in 2014 with the lecture New applications of Min-max theory. In November 2015 he was awarded the New Horizons in Mathematics Prize and the following year, together with Fernando Codá Marques, he received the Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry.

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